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I was thinking of making this article into a video but unfortunately, the gods of the wind are against me today. Forest fires have caused the air quality outside to suck. The summer breeze is sending the smokey air my way! The sun was a bright red color this afternoon because of the thick clouds of smoke covering it. The fiery infernos from hell are once again cleansing this sunny state of its wickedness. So what have I been up to lately? I haven’t made any posts for a long time, and I apologize for that. Sometimes we all need a little hiatus, a little break to clear our minds and refocus. I’m trying to rediscover my direction and my passion. I have so many interests and hobbies. I’m all over the place!

Holy flames punish the residents of California for their sins. The impoverished and exploited workers of this sunny state cry for mercy and secretly wish the flames would reach Palo Alto and Los Angeles. Highway 20 near Clearlake Oaks. Sunday, July 1. Source.


I’ve been enjoying my afternoons by the pool. I’m always deep in thought about what my next big project should be. I need to set clear goals for myself. I have all the tools at my disposal but I’m unsure of what to do next. I was anticipating the release of Instagram TV to make try to make somewhat of a comeback. But unfortunately, Instagram TV is not what I imagined it to be. I was hoping it would finally be a mainstream YouTube competitor. Instagram TV is very, very basic and I don’t see it catching major attention in its current form. These are my main complaints.

It’s restricted to mobile

I prefer to use my laptop over any mobile device. I recently bought another ThinkpadT400 (my previous one was stolen by Canadian assholes border patrol agents and my mom broke the one I owned before that). I know it’s kind of old, but it runs Linux extremely well. I haven’t decided on what Linux distribution I’m going to stick with. The reason I want this particular laptop is because of the keyboard. I can touch-type very comfortably anywhere! I can’t type comfortably on mobile because the touchscreen keyboard causes me to make various annoying errors. I would be much more active on Instagram if they would improve their website.

The Search Bar

Instagram TV’s search functionality sucks. Instead of showing me videos relevant to what I searched, I can only search for channels. Who wants to just find channels? I want to see the videos! If I like your videos enough I’ll follow you. If Instagram TV’s search functionality worked like Youtube’s it would give smaller creators a lot more exposure and users can get notoriety for just uploading good videos. Unfortunately, we will have to rely on the Instagram main app to get attention and follows which sucks because Instagram’s algorithm is a mess.

No sidebar

What I really liked about YouTube is the sidebar with suggested videos that are similar to what I already watched. I found so many great creators this way. However, Instagram lacks that. Instead, you are only shown videos that people you follow upload and popular videos. I don’t want to see popular videos because my interests are very particular and niche. I also want to draw in new viewers and potential fans by manipulating my tags. I can’t do that with Instagram TV. Ugh!

So, What am I gonna do?

I’m going to try to be more active on my various social media sites. I want to add more interesting items to my Etsy shop. I aim to increase my knowledge and skills. I might make new videos, I have ideas I just need to feel right to execute them. I’ll probably upload on Instagram TV but also on Bitchute mainly. I hope Instagram will improve their TV app and actually be a competitive force to make Susan Wojcicki of youtube sweat. In the meantime, I’m always open to suggestions and ideas. My dms on Twitter and Instagram are open although I may not always respond right away due to being so distracted by the thoughts that cloud my mind all day long. Stay Sane everybody.




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