Improvements for Gab is probably the most popular, functional alternative social media site out there. Gab has a lot of potential to compete with big tech companies like Twitter and I can’t help but feel hopeful for the future of the site. I’ve been more active on gab lately than ever. Follow me if you haven’t already. While using the site I can’t help but think of improvements and features that could be added.

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A photo album

Similar to instagram and facebook, having a photo album where we can save the pictures on our profile for others to see would be pretty awesome. Perhaps this could be similar to twitters “media” option on the profile. There are some memes and pictures I want to share that I know instagram won’t like. With instagram cracking down on “problematic” users, it would be a shame if all the beautiful pictures and memes got lost in cyberspace forever.

Queuing Posts

Similar to what Tweetdeck offers, having the option to queue posts for later would allow those who have busy lives to keep their gab profiles active while they’re away living their lives.

Gifting Gab Pro

Reddit allows users to gift Reddit gold to each other, and it has been very profitable for them. Gifting Gab Pro would give an incentive for people to donate to gab and make other gab users happy.

Official Contests

Hosting official contests will encourage more people to be active and get competitive! These contests should be once a month at least so even the busiest people can find time to participate. A meme contest, photoshop contest, or video contest would be pretty awesome! The reward could be a piece of gab merch, or gab pro for a month, or a little trophy on your gab profile.


I love frog gifs so much





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  1. Caleb says:

    I have a gab but I don’t tell my friends I have one. I don’t tell them because I don’t want a bunch trolling leftists on gab. I’m on the right politically speaking, and I live in a leftist state.

    1. Manwe says:

      Well Caleb tell all your leftist buddies because we need some more normies to destroy!

  2. Niklas says:

    I hope one day that Internet will be more “free” with less commercials. The big (((companies))) has taken over and try to get our hard earned money. I did not know gab, i looked at their homepage and it looks promising. I also hope and think this will be the future, just say “up yours” to the bad guys out there. If Internet is a playground for large wealthy companies that just getting bigger it’s very sad. If small enterprises likes to make a dollar or two i think it’s different. Always buy local as much as you possibly can, stay within your own race if you can. Don’t support the others because they stay within their race.

    Many share our views, very few people has any courage to speak their mind. I think many also hesitate to surf in to pages like this. If that is the case people are not as free as advertised.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. It will take something big like Twitter banning a person with a huge following like Trump and then that person moving over to gab kind of like what just happened with Alex Jones and BitChute

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