A thank you to my supporters

I just wanted to thank everybody who has been by my side through the happiest and darkest times during the last 2 years. Especially those who have

  • Followed me on twitter and gab
  • Subscribed to my youtube channels (before I was banned)
  • Shared my articles and posts/tweets
  • Donated
  • Bought things from me
  • Commented under my posts/tweets/articles
  • Cured me of loneliness by chatting and hanging out

These last 2 years have been very hectic, chaotic and difficult. I’ve moved around so much. I went from Canada, to Germany, and almost all over the US. Now I found myself in California. Here’s an article I wrote about my journey out west. We’re still not settled in and it has been rough. My husband found work 2 weeks ago but the bureaucracy is slow and they’ve delayed his starting date til next week. His first paycheck will be 2 weeks after he starts. It’s ridiculous! At least he has work though, unlike in WV where full time non-temporary employment was hard to find.

Our savings are running low but we will persevere. We never expected this journey to be easy. I made a makersupport account which is an alternative to patreon. Any pledges or purchases from my Etsy would be greatly appreciated through this difficult time. I know most people are in situations similar to ours. Continuing to follow, comment on and share my work is appreciated as well! Life is about taking risks, sacrifices and appreciating everything good you are blessed with. I am truly blessed to have such lovely loyal supporters. Don’t feel scared to DM me on instagram or twitter. I am always willing to chat with anybody.

I am working on some writing projects in the meantime to offer on Makersupport. Stay Sane!

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  1. Rockon kitty!
    Find Big Sur in Cali…
    love you baby <3

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