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Greetings my minions mwahahaha… I mean my readers.

As most of you should know my name is Veronica. For the past 2 years or so I mainly focused on creating Youtube videos. Although I genuinely do love creating videos I feel like the platform is dying and is constantly making horrible decisions. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop making videos. Never! I can’t guarantee that I will remain on the Youtube platform forever though. I recognize that I need to branch out and move on to other platforms. There’s nothing better than creating my own little corner of the internet where I can freely state my thoughts, opinions, and advertise whatever projects I’ve completed. That’s what this website is: Veronica’s little sweet corner of the internet. I make the rules here, there’s no Susan Wo-what-ki (ceo of Youtube) to push me around and tell me what I can and can not say.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Youtube is nothing but a pathetic shadow of it’s former self. Almost ALL content creators are extremely upset at the new changes. After the ad-pocalypse all creators have had their income from adverts cut and as a result of that they feel unmotivated to put a lot of effort into their videos. Some we’re even forced to get regular jobs to pay their bills. Nearly all YouTubers that I watch (and I’m subbed to over 1000 channels I know, I’m crazy) don’t upload as frequently anymore, don’t put as much effort into their content anymore and don’t get nearly as many views & subs as they used to. I find myself not watching videos as often as I used to because of this. A few years ago I spent hours every night watching my favorite creators. Oh, those we’re the days! When content creators we’re happy and enthusiastic. Before they knew that everything will go to shit. Now I watch 1 or 2 videos a day.

Well Jake Paul seems to be pretty happy, enthusiastic, successful and rich. He’s a cute little spoiled bourgeois boy. I admit, I watched probably around 10 of his videos to see what he was all about. His content just doesn’t appeal to me, it’s so juvenile. His humour is too immature for me. His fanbase overwhelmingly consists of kiddos and preteens, they like content like that. Just look at his concert audience.

Jake paul and his infamous brother Logan Paul don’t just stick to YouTube. They have websites, merch, music, and other social media. Most of his income comes from his merch and music, not Youtube. This is why they are so successful. They appeal to children and expanded to other platforms.


Unfortunately all my favourite Youtubers who make videos on more mature, intellectual topics, who have an adult fanbase, who put a LOT more effort into their videos are not getting the recognition and the financial support that they deserve.

Youtube has become more aggressive at enforcing their liberal ideological ideas. The Youtube mods are a literal PC police. Every video uploaded to the Youtube spotlight video is total SJW cringe. Luckily, most people have a brain and are sick of that shit and most spotlight videos have massive dislikes.

Trump said Haiti is a shithole, well I doubt Haitians would care about your personal opinions to be honest. They probably would cringe at the spotlight videos as well. Youtube is beyond a shithole. Lazy, immature content like Jake Paul’s is praised. Amazing, thought-provoking content is striked down, sandboxed or won’t be seen by many.

Lately, I’ve been feeling more motivated to write. There are lots of topics that go through my mind every day that aren’t worthy of being their own separate video. I’ll still make videos but I really want my own blog to express my thoughts and opinions. Uncensored and unrestricted.

Anyways, stay sane everybody.


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  1. Evalion, I really enjoy your videos and political insights. Moving from Canada was wise and brave. There is an American health epidemic caused by parasites, doctors never look at this problem, nor 99% of the time people are misdiagnose these symptoms, most of the time people do not have any symptoms from parasites. Please know after your miscarriage did you, Evalion find why this happened???- I really felt your loss. All life is precious, sadly in Texas we have the highest maternity death rates in the USA. This is due to parasites, being that of ‘Toxoplasmosis’ this parasite is easily tested and treated for, every early term pregnant woman that has a cat needs to be tested for Toxoplasmosis. Please Evalion, get tested and find out for sure, Especially if you plan on getting pregnant again.
    Also; Evalion have you seen this yet?
    Feb. 12, 2018: “”WARNING”” SOLAR MINIMUM WILL LAST UNTIL 2050 ALSO WATCH OUT FOR EARTH’S MAGNETIC REVERSAL AND EXTREME WEATHER THIS WILL CAUSE: Power outings, riots, mobs, and chaos!!! Prepare now for the ‘3’ days of darkness, carrying some cash is a good idea too! Everything is electric. NO I-PHONES; No ATM’s; No Cash Registers, No Credit Cards; and No Banks- “MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE, STUPID PEOPLE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS EVENT!!!”
    1. Video:
    2. Video:
    3. Video:

    1. Veronica says:

      Nobody knows why miscarriages happen. There isn’t enough scientific research. However statistics show that it is a lot more common for the first baby to be miscarried. I miscarried at 6 weeks which is before I got the kitty Dusty. I found out I was pregnant in early April 2017, I got Dusty in July 2017. Earth’s magnetic reversal? That’s interesting will check it out.

  2. Mark Robert says:

    Veronica you should do a debate on Andywarski live; his shows trend on google at #2, #3 with guest like Richard Spencer.

    I think you could bring in those same numbers if Andrew Anglin promoted the event.

    It would be great to hear you debate, and you could promote your new channel.

    You could debate Leafy.

    It would be LoL, and attract lot of people to your channel.

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