The Queen of England Wants to be Worshiped by Muslim Migrants

As you can see from my video on monarchy, I am definitely NOT a fan of the British royal family or monarchy as a system. The old queen lizard Elizabeth who is the longest ruling British monarch, has started to brag about supposedly being a direct decedent of the prophet Muhammad. Her lackeys the BBC have been making efforts to spread this claim all over the Islamic world. When I first heard this I thought it was a joke, but nope. She appears to be very proud of her multicultural bloodline which runs through the Earl of Cambridge, in the 14th century, across medieval Muslim Spain, to Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter.

Karma is a bitch. If not stopped, England will drag the rest of Western Europe down with them.

In typical treasonous British fashion, the British bourgeoisie have allowed “migrants” to colonize their country.

Now there are 3 million muslims in the UK and some parts of London almost 50% Muslim. London also has a muslim mayor named Sadiq Khan. With terrorist attacks becoming the norm in London, perhaps the Queen is afraid of being assassinated by these migrants? If this is true, Queen Lizzie has enough public support and media attention to spread awareness of the migrant problem. Her influence can perhaps get a British Marine Le Pen elected. But she doesn’t do this. She doesn’t speak out against the colonization of England or the mass rapes of the peasant women. It appears that she doesn’t care.

It is clear that the queen wants to be deified by these foreigners instead. Ever since losing most of their power, the royal family has lost respect from the general English population. Why respect a bourgeois family that does nothing but drain your tax dollars while you can barely make ends meet?

Perhaps the royal family is scared that they will be dethroned because they are essentially a useless waste of taxpayer dollars.

They are desperate for the admiration they once received centuries ago. English law prevents them from being true monarchs, so the easiest way to gain back their status is to become a religious figure. Christianity is dying in England since 48% of adults identify as atheist. Syria is now more Christian than pathetic England. With Islam being the fastest growing religion in Britain and lots of migrants coming in it makes sense that they will attempt to become a Muslim figure. Earning Muslim respect will ensure their place on the throne and satisfaction among the new population. With all the Muslims flowing through their borders, it must feel good to know they will worship you and your throne is protected. Now the royals can live in peace while the British peasant men and women get raped and killed on a massive scale.

Syrians are more Christian and have more of the Christmas spirit than dull, colonized Britain.

But wait a second…

Not all migrants are Muslim. Lots of migrants from all over Africa are sneaking into England through the Calais jungle in France. These non-Muslim migrants will not care who the queen is related to. Also if you look at Islam as a religion, it’s quite complicated. Different sects believe completely different things that oppose each other. Muslims don’t just follow only the Quran like Christians solely follow their bible. The different sects also follow other scriptures called Hadiths.

Shia Muslims in particular revere their prophets genetic descendants. However, most of the migrants that are coming to the UK are from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Roughly 90% of the Afghans follow Sunni Islam. In Pakistan 95-98% are Muslim. Pakistan has the second largest number of Muslims in the world after Indonesia. The majority are Sunni (estimated at 75-95%).

Image result for WAHHABISM saudi arabia
Your average Wahhabi.

Many of these Sunni Muslim migrants follow the Islamic political ideology called Wahhabism. Most Western criticism of Islam (including the criticism I expressed in many of my old videos) are criticism of Wahhabism. Wahhabism is very radical, they want a Muslim theocracy and are not tolerant of other Islamic sects and different religions. These Wahhabi will not respect the Queen because she does not follow their beliefs. She’s also a female leader who doesn’t wear a burka so that’s haraam. They might find her attempts to appease them insulting.

They will probably try to blow up her castle, regardless of how hard she tries to appease them.

A poor quality pic of the queens bloodline.


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  1. Caleb says:

    The Queen is going senile and too PC. A European Monarch claiming to be part muslim is insane.

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