Wage Growth in The Most Anti-Immigration Countries

As can be seen in the chart, the two most anti-immigration countries in Europe are first and third in wage growth. The top 9 countries although while not necessarily anti-immigration, certainly have very low levels of immigration. Is this all a coincidence?

I’m personally against wage slavery, however, this data is very intriguing.  Isolationalist countries that reject the EU’s globalist agenda happen to prosper more economically. The cost of living is pretty low in Eastern Europe, so, rising wages will improve their quality of life dramatically.  There are more economic factors contributing to the rise of wages such as the fact that these countries have more room to grow.

Under Capitalism, when a government invites a giant horde of unskilled men to increase their countries diversity, wages drop. Why? Because these men will work barely anything without complaining. They will not go on strike and hurt the companies profits. The unskilled workers that were born in that country have to compete with these immigrants. So, they end up working for barely anything as well.

“But Canada, France, The UK and other Western Countries aren’t Capitalist”

Although Western Countries have high taxes and social programs, that doesn’t make them socialist. They are social democracies. These countries still have private ownership of the means of production which by definition makes them capitalist. The Capitalists love immigrants because they can exploit them even harder than the native population. Western capitalists are not loyal to their countries, they’re only loyal to money. Click here to learn more about why Capitalism is not compatible with Nationalism.



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  1. Mark Stokes says:

    So pleased to find your page, was a subscriber to your old youtube chan, but only found out about this from Emily youcis on JF. xxxxxx

  2. Niklas says:

    Excellent and interesting as usual. Our Crown princess Victoria got her ass grabbed recently by a jew named Jean-Claude Arnault (His family owns Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon och Henessey) , this done in front of the King. Svenska Akademin (that handles the nobel prize). He used the academy’s apartments around Stockholm to rape women.

    In Sweden we really have a upper class that can not be touched. Just like everywhere i guess.

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