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White Talmudism: The comparison between White Nationalism and Zionism

White Nationalism is growing in America.  It’s basically a form of ethnocentrism that advocates for a white ethno state.  At face value they look as if they’re nothing more than standard racialists.  A lot have come to call themselves National Socialists commonly demonized as Nazis, but these however are completely two different philosophies.  National Socialism has its roots in German Idealism, Volkisch thinking and German Socialism.  Volkisch thinking is the belief in loyalty to your people and the concept of blood and soil, remember this, we’ll be returning to it later.

White Nationalism has darker roots than anyone can even imagine and it seems to contradict their modern tenets.  The so called Anti-Racists have never even spoken about their little known history and origin.

The origin of White Nationalism

The origin is not in America, not in Germany, but in the British empire.  We can trace it all the way back to Scotland during the time of the king david of scotlandcrusades and King David of Scotland era.  The templars had just returned to Scotland and have brought with them Jewish mystic books, and a grand knowledge of ancient jewish belief and customs.  They founded the first masonic lodge in Scotland, that is what will become the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  King David himself was a high ranking member of this first masonic organization.

At this time Britain had already converted to Christianity, so Jewish texts were not alien to them.  These aristocrats read all these Jewish texts that spoke of the chosen people that will inherit the earth to rule over and enslave all other peoples.  They believed themselves to be descendants of the lost tribes of Israel along with the Jews.  King David believed that he was directly descended from the ancient King David of Israel.  The rabbis in Scotland at the time actually backed up his claim, so the Jews could be excepted and receive political rights.  When England took over Scotland in the 1200s, Scotland’s aristocracy began to slowly merge with England’s nobility over the course of the centuries.

By the time of the Reformation, England had a solidified aristocracy.  King Henry VIII separated from the Catholic Church over the right to divorce which lead to the formation of the Church of England.  This was influenced by Martin Luther who also believed, like KIng David that they were chosen by God.  However, he saw Jews as apostates this is where he differed from David.

The Puritans

puritansAnother Religious group rose in England at this time, the Puritans.  They believed in purging Anglicanism of all Catholic rituals.  The Puritans focused heavily on the Old Testament which is what Jews only use alongside their instruction book, the Talmud.  The Puritans believed just like King David believed that they were chosen to inherit the Earth alongside Jews.  They by far, were more Judaic than any other sect within Christianity.  Later they were pushed out of England by the Church of England for their attempt to reform the church.

The English civil war broke out over a dispute between King Charles and the Parliament. Charles believed he was divinely picked to rule England and didn’t have to answer to the Parliament.  At this time an interesting man appears named Oliver Cromwell, who was a Puritan that was financed by Jewish bankers from Amsterdam.  He had a fascination with the temple of Solomon and wanted to rebuild it.  Cromwell supported the Parliament in the Civil War and invited the Jews back into England after they had been expelled in the previous century.

He gave them control of the gold supply and created the bank of England in 1684 which further solidified the English Aristocracy.  Cromwell was most likely inspired by John Dee who was the first to teach that the English and the Jews have common racial identity and goals.  Which were that they are chosen to rule and enslave the Earth.  He is also the one who coined the term, the British empire in 1609.

In the 19th century the English Aristocrats began to act on this belief of supremacy and chosen-ness. 

british empire
Red: British Empire

At this time they completely dominated South Africa, India, while already holding Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Australia was founded as a white only nation and was by all accounts part of this ethno-state and chosen-ness mindset.  Jews were welcome in this ethno state as part of the chosen race.

In South Africa Cecil Rhodes arrives to conquer and slaughter the Zulu tribe in proper genocidal fashion, what the Talmudic English do best.  He claims it’s England’s destiny to rule the world and that the world must be English.  At the same time Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister, he coins the term Anglo Israelism.  The same belief and theory taught by John Lee over 200 years prior.

The professors that promote this ideology found an Etymological link between the word “Saxon and the word Isaac’s son aka I-Saacson.  They claim the English ancestors are one of the tribes that escaped Israel after the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 AD.  They claim that the English Monarchy are direct descendants from Ancient King David along with the Aristocracy.

Cognitive Elitism

Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Disraeli – Britain’s first openly Jewish leader who had sephardic ancestors 

Disraeli also believed that financial and colonial success proved England to be superior and divinely chosen.  This applied to that of Individuals too, which meant all the poor and working classes were inferior subhumans.  This therefore leads to the rise of Cognitive Elitism.  Which means the rich are rich because they’re superior and racially appointed by god to rule the world.  This belief is found today commonly among American Conservatives and Libertarians.  It’s also held by white nationalists, but expanded to all of Europe, not just that of Britain.  Disraeli is the Grandfather of white nationalism.  The only thing that modern white nationalists would disagree on is Jews which have been thrown out of the supremacist thought, but we’ll get to that later.

Edward Hine, Edward Wheeler Bird, and Herbert Aldersmith were the main proprietors of Anglo Israelism and Founded the Anglo Ephraim Association of London.  They taught that all Western Europeans were descended from the lost tribes.  Identity groups sprung up in huge numbers all over the Empire and America.  However these groups differed as they taught that only the Anglo Saxons are direct descendants of the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Israelites as a whole.

Great Britain and the US are the inheritors of the covenant and therefore the world belongs to them to further expand this chosen-ness into a global Anglo Saxon Racial view.  The Jews are also chosen alongside them.  Theodor Herzl, the founder of zionism was supported by these same organizations and the Greater English Aristocracy as to the belief that Israel belongs to the tribe of Judah.

Britain continued on to what Rhodes suggested which was world domination.

They dominated most of Africa.  All who opposed them would be massacred, even if they’re fellow Europeans.  In the Boer War which was a war with descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa who fought against the British Imperialists.  The British murdered them, burnt down their villages, raped their women, and put them in Concentration camps to be tortured and genocided.

Not even the Irish in Ireland were safe from British wraith.  They are also considered subhuman.  The British attempted to genocide them through mass starvation via the potato famine.

The British came to dominate the world market.

Liberal Capitalism was said to be an Anglo-Israelite system because it proves the superiority of Britain above all the world.  Even the English working class is inferior due to the fact that they had very little money.  That doesn’t matter to the Aristocracy, they’re just subhumans to them.  This is similar to how Jews believed they were chosen and all non jews are “goyim” which means “cattle” who need to be ruled over and serve this supreme race.

Even prior to Disraeli they still had this feeling of talmudic right to rule and enslave.  In this case the American Southern Aristocracy who are descended from these same English Aristocrats.  During the colonization of North America, there was a booming Tobacco and Cotton industry.  They needed slaves to work these plantations because a Chosenite doesn’t do his own dirty work.

They first used Natives, but they were unfit due to weakness to Smallpox, so instead they just killed or removed them.  Instead, they decided to use Irish slaves because of the Irish being viewed as subhuman.  That didn’t work for too long due to there not being enough.  So they used African slaves and the Southern Aristocracy believed in divine right to own these slaves.  It wasn’t until the Civil War that this was abolished.  It was the same Anglo Israelist thought they used for world domination as to justify slavery with.

The English soon learnt that they would not go unchallenged

Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II the last Emperor of the German Empire who was forced to abdicate the throne after WW1

A new nation rose out of the chaos of the Napoleonic wars.  Germany, which had been unified in 1871 by the Kingdom of Prussia.  The German Empire was founded on completely different values than that of the British.  They were the complete polar opposite of the English Aristocracy.  The German Aristocracy was militaristic, based on valor and honor, not money and global capital.  They were a humble people, interested in a balance of power and unity of German Blood.  They valued work and labor, they had no interest in keeping slaves to do their dirty work.

That’s part of the German sense of honor, a volkisch type of socialism that expressed their own German spirit.  Their economic growth quickly surpassed that of Britain. Soon Germany had the most powerful military in the world.  The British could not stand this, because they believed that it’s their divine right to inherit the Earth.  The Germans are just upstarts, barbarians who are trying to take what the British are entitled to.  War broke out in 1914 because of this rivalry, it ended in the destruction of Germany.  Even the Germans who wanted nothing more than a balance of power are still not safe from this Anglo Israelist supremacy. The Aristocracy now knows they must wipe out all competitors to secure their position of power,

Germany was not yet defeated  

Judisk Tidscrift joyfully reported in its Number 6 edition in 1929:

“Twenty million non-Jews died in the World War, but Jewish plans have been successful. The war that is on the horizon now will probably result in the destruction of all non-Jewish countries.” 

Remember that the English are a part of these chosen people, so they’re not just speaking of adherents to Judaism, but to the English Aristocracy as well.  They became paranoid of Germany and use the old testament to justify their racism against Germans.  Archbishop of Canterbury says

“Destroy the Cologne Cathedral; St. Peters Dome in Rome; have the Royal Navy bombard Genoa, killing men, women and children; destroy the marble palaces. Huns understand only one language.”

The Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne Cathedral. Why would anyone want to destroy something so beautiful and magnificent?

This preplanned war they’re referring to is WW2, this was before Hitler had even appeared in international headlines. So it just further proves the Supremacist attitude of the English Aristocracy.  By the time the NSDAP had come to power in Germany, Volkisch ideals reached a peak in the country.

Germany believed they should seek their own path and be freed from this English Talmudic quest for world conquest and extermination or enslavement of all subhumans. 

Children of nazi germany
Children of National Socialist Germany

Germany allied itself with Japan another victim of Britain’s supremacist crimes.  Their Goal, destroy the talmudic supremacism of the British empire and replace it with Volkisch ideals of blood and soil.  A world free from exploitation of high finance capital of the British empire.

In fact Germany were the ones fighting against racism, colonialism. and imperialism.  Not fighting for conquest for racial domination like most people today believe.  In fact modern White Nationalists should love the English Aristocracy for wiping out or enslaving all inferior races. They should also admire the Jews they claim to detest.  The English were waging a race war on Germany, not Vice Versa. They’re the same as most of the White Nationalists of today who want to wage a similar Race War.  Britain won and Germany and Japan were destroyed in a blazing fire.


This supremacist thought has its own place in America’s most infamous White Nationalist organization, the Ku Klux Klan. 

1925 Klan march in Washington DC

The Klan was founded by Southern Aristocrat Nathan Bedford Forest, who also was descended from this same bloodline of King David of Scotland.  The KKK had the same talmudic supremacism as that of the English aristocracy.  They believed they were Israelites.  In fact the KKK was not anti semitic contrary to popular belief.  They welcomed Jews in as long as they converted to Christianity.  They were against anyone who was not an Anglo Saxon Protestant and believed we should genocide the subhumans of the world.  Their sense of Supremacy doesn’t come from merit, the value of labor, or volkisch ideals.  It comes from a crude sense of racial chosen-ness solely based on blood.  Just as the Jews base their supremacist claims on blood and divine entitlement.  This was the largest White Nationalist organization in American history and their philosophy comes straight from the Jewish texts.


George Lincoln Rockwell

White Nationalism evolved when George Lincoln Rockwell decided he would merge his basic understanding of National Socialism with the philosophy of Chosen-ness.  Something that would seem insane to any member of the NSDAP. He only took the parts of national socialism that he liked.  Just the symbols, name, and he took anti semitism from the theory.  So now Jews are no longer chosen and are now subhuman.  Tactically perverting the beliefs of the Volkisch movement and forever associate National Socialism with White Nationalism.

Rockwell was also a descendant of the same bloodline of King David of Scotland.  He replaced the concept of being chosen by God with that of Natures natural law. He bastardized National Socialism with Anglo Saxon racist Chosen-ness view which had helped these same Jews white nationalists gripe about.  The natural law has created a world racial hierarchy. That is why whites must rule the world and constantly fight against the other races to secure their own existence.

George Lincoln Rockwell testing a Dallas city law against picketing by groups such as his American Nazi Party. Rockwell was not arrested.

However Hitler wasn’t talking about a racial hierarchy when he spoke of natural law.  He was speaking of the natural will to power within our own societies.  After Rockwell was shot, Frank Collins took over as leader who was later discovered to be Jewish.  This would later repeat over and over again, secret Jews in White Nationalist organizations.  This is not because they’re infiltrators, but because they are attracted to supremacist movements and organizations. They were the originators of this same world view.

William Luther Pierce
William Luther Pierce and his cat.

So now we have Rockwell who has redefined the old Anglo Supremacism, the next is an Academic named William Luther Pierce.  

Although he was not a Christian like the earlier supremacists like the KKK and Rockwell, he is the one who popularized the concept of race war. Pierce’s Anti Christian views were heavily influenced by Revilo P. Oliver, who blamed Christianity for the fall of the Roman Empire.  He is perhaps the biggest influence of modern White Nationalism alongside another man by the name of Ben Klassen. Who was the founder of the Church of the Creator.

Pierce and Klassen worked together for some time and developed an apocalyptic Race War scenario where whites will eventually exterminate or enslave all other races keeping with the entitlement right mindset of Anglo Israel.  They soon split over disagreements on tactics and that’s where Klassen creates his organization.


Klassen created a new religion called  Creativity

Which is basically the worship of the White Race, that each white is a creator.  That they must destroy their Racial enemies at all costs.  He wrote commandments just like the talmud has commandments for Jews.  The third commandment says

“Remember that the inferior colored races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race. It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shrinking our enemies.” 

This again continues with the talmudic Anglo Israelite quest for world domination and enslavement.  Klassen wrote one commandment he took straight from the Talmud.

“Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.” 

Klassen goes further and says that whites will either inhabit the earth in totality or there will be no future for whites.  Creativity is a near carbon copy of talmudic Judaism. Even a lot of Jews today don’t believe in God, but in the worship of the Jewish people just like Klassen believes in the worship of the White Race.  When Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir was asked if she believed in God, she said:

“I believe in the Jewish people.”


Klassen taught of the apocalyptic ending known as RaHoWa or racial holy war.  Similar to the Talmudic belief that all non Jews will be enslaved in the end times.  However after RaHoWa the Earth will be completely white and it will be paradise. This is obviously a continuation of the ideology of the British Empire, but in this scenario Jews will be exterminated along with the non whites.  Klassen wrote in his book that this planet is all ours similar to the talmudic concept that Jews will inherit the earth.

So we have Pierce who popularized the Race War Apocalyptic belief and then Klassen wrote an entire new religion and Ideology on it, taking his influence straight from the Talmud.  As the new millenia begins, Christian Identity reemerges under Pastor Butler which is essentially Anglo israel ideology mixed with Rockwell White Nationalism.  However Christian Identity lost traction due to heavy anti christian feeling among white nationalists and the fall of spirituality among Americans.

As we come into the present, we see the rise of a new form of White Nationalism, White Identity created by Richard Spencer.

He attempts to do a back peddle and welcomed Jews back into the ideology, he is by far just returning White Nationalism to its original state by welcoming Jews.  He calls himself a White Zionist and says the white ethno state will have wonderful relations with Israel.  Reactionary Jew is welcomed on Red Ice, an Altright radio network which is White Identitarian.  There he says about how much Israel can kill all Palestinians nearly bragging about an all out Genocide.  However Klassen influenced modern White Nationalists into a paranoid Talmudic mindset where everyone is out to kill you. The only answer is total genocide, just like what the British Empire believed.

This is, is a racial supremacist, self-entitled chosen worldview based on a apocalyptic paranoid mindset.  None of these former personalities ever spoke against capitalism and its world wide crimes throughout history. Instead, they enthusiastically rant on about Soviet/Communist crimes.  One mustn’t forget that this Anglo-Judaic supremacist mindset, which today is the root of White Nationalism, was the main rival and the ultimate force that fought, exterminated, and destroyed the German Volk spirit.

How quaint is it that today these same people who are influenced by this Anglo-Judaic supremacist view, dare to call themselves National Socialist; when they never denounce Capitalism, don’t understand Volkisch socialism, discipline, order, militarism, and a sense of freedom that comes from duty to one’s own community.  Real National Socialism starts with you and what you can do for your community, not with a sense of supremacist tribal self-entitlement.

This post was written by my husband Cody and I.

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  1. Mark Robert says:

    Richard Spencer’s #1 & #2Alt-Right Press Conferences Sep 9, 2016…

    NPI 2016 Press Conference Nov 27, 2016…
    Note: the video is 1:09:28 minutes in length

    Richard Spencer, Editor of RadixJournal.com and President of The National Policy Institute, who coined the term “Alt-Right”.

    Richard Spencer was correct in proclaiming the neoconservative’s AKA the ‘Republicans Jewish Coalition’ dead.

    Donald Trump an ‘Alt Right’ favorite.

    Describing the ‘Alt-Right’ as a leaderless coalition of like-minded individuals who embrace white/European identity, and would vehemently attack anyone who would self-proclaim to be the leader. (Spencer saw what we did to Milo, or anyone else who got in our way.)

    It was interesting watching the Jewish reporters kvetching throughout this Press Conference, I believe (((they))) can see the writing on the wall; the Alt-Right is the beginning of the end for Jewish influence in our Nations.

    Richard Spencer did something else of interest here; he gave the press a destination calling it a Utopia; more importantly however Spencer made a clear delineation between Europeans and Jews, several times during the Conference, as if to say. (‘Jews, this is our Utopia; you are not welcome’)

    We should review: Neoconservative’s are dead; check. The ‘Alt-Right’ is a leaderless movement; check. The Alt-Right goal is to create a European Utopia, an Imperium were Jews are not allowed; check.

    I’m good with that.

  2. Mark Robert says:

    1. First Phase: Counter-Culture
    (Post Millennials aka Generation-Z aka Generation-Zyklon 2001-____)
    Generation-Z: (the eras, circumstance, events, leanings) those born between, (2001- ____) would range in ages between 0 to 17 by (2018)

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Began with the ‘Revolution’

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: became an age of widespread Internet usage and the dawning of awareness, people started asking questions about the events surrounding the September 11, 2001 aka (9/11) attacks. Many blamed collapse the twin towers & building-7 on ISIS aka {Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, aka Mossad}

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Ronald Ernest ‘Ron’ Paul (1935- ____) sought the US presidency, on three occasions, in 1988, 2008 and 2012. The ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ began in 2008 when his libertarian ideas started gaining traction creating a Tea Party Counter-Culture movement towards Constitutional rights and limited government and Ending the Federal Reserve millions chanting ‘End the Fed.’ By 2012 The ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ fizzled out but ‘End the Fed’ chants were as prevalent as ever.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Vowed never again, (No More Brother Wars)

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: witness numerous false flags, from War mongers to Gun Grabbers the schemes were perpetrated with the help the Mainstream Media (MSM) which even the US President, famously called ‘FAKE news’.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: saw false flags from War mongering AIPAC beginning with the false presence that Iraq had ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ (WMD’s) which became the primary justification for the 2003 invasion and War with Iraq 2003-2011.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: saw Gun Grabber Psychological Operations (PSY-OP’s) Gabby Gifford’s Shooting 2011, Sandy Hook Shooting 2012, Aurora Shooting 2012, Boston Bombing 2013, The Elliot Rodger Affair 2014, Walmart suicide tape 2015.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: the Counter-Culture brought about the era of the Alt-Right, a word coined by the Jew Paul Gottfried in 2008, picked up by Richard Spencer in 2008, which slowly turned into a worldwide Identitairian movement aka (identity politics) according to Richard Spencer the leader of National Policy Institute (NPI) which is a Washington think-tank, the Alt-Right was born as a push-back against the War mongering conservatives.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer news-site laid claimed to the Alt-Right title; giving the movement a worldwide platform; he added million upon millions of young enthusiastic white/European Donald Trump’s supporters, which numbered 13.3 million in the Republican primaries alone, many self-identify as Alt-Right.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: the Manosphere (MGTOW) believes that feminism is the enemy.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: The Counter Cultural is being fueled by Andrew Anglin’s online news-site the Daily Stormer (DS) which was first launched on July 4th of 2013 quickly gathering a worldwide racially conscious audience, who share memes, music, podcast, ideas, and laughs; while Anglin’s unique brand of humor appeals to young and old alike; his core audience is comprised of tech savvy young people who once haunted /pol/ 4chan and 8chan and other forums of early contributors; Anglin’s DS exceled at creating mischief with his Army of Twitter Trolls using Meme Magic in humorous Non-ironic Nazism cloaked as ironic Nazism, Anime, Kek, Pepe, Red Pills, and relentless attacks on the Left and Right MSM news sites, and the Cucked Politicians which (((they))) spawn.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer aka (Weev) a prominent figure in the Alt-Right movement and has been described by Wikipedia as an American ‘Nazi’; promoter and contributor to the ‘Daily Stormer’. The Alt-Right calls him our technical expert.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Red Ice Radio, and Radio 3Fourteen first formed in 2000-2001 by Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff Host, Researchers, Filmmakers & Editors TV & Radio offer internet programs focusing on themes such as conspiracy theory, White genocide, Alt-Right issues.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Veronica Bouchard, aka Elegon, Evalion, born (1997) she is a provocative writer, activist, and internet creator of edgy, educational and entertaining videos with pro-white content; she was shoahed for making fact based videos addressing Jewish question (JQ) those videos were viewable on her YouTube from March of 2016 to May 18, 2016, in the 2 short months her account was active she garnered well over 65,000 subscribers; this is the equivalent of taking and automobile from 0-120mph in 1 second. She has been featured on The Daily Stormer no less than five times and appeared in numerous mainstream news sites the world over. She was the queen of Memes on /pol/ 4chan and 8chan and other forums during Trumps 2017 Presidential bid. Her newest You Tube account was terminated February 22, 2018 making her among the most well-known most censored activist in modern history; she can currently be found at – eva-tips.com

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Taylor Alison Swift an American singer-songwriter who is an iconic figure in the Alt-Right, due to her Aryan looks and virtuous nature. Mainstream interviewers ask Andrew Anglin if Taylor Swift was a Nazi; Anglin responded. “Well, yea it’s obvious, just look at her.”

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Alt-Righters are known for cable-cutting, which is a euphemism to describe those who refused to contribute to newspapers, magazines, TV, movie theaters, and sporting events; the whole stadium experience has become untenable beyond the occasional political rally.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Alt-Righters understand Europeans avoid places were blacks congregate, the Zionist have trained their blacks to attack and hate Europeans, Parks, Malls, Restaurant and other brick & mortar edifices within our City Centers have become off limits especially after dark, the combination of the aforementioned has created a situation of financial instability leading to an inevitability societal collapse.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Richard Spencer the chairman National Policy Institute (NPI) addressed the press from around the world at his 2016, NPI conference held in Washington, D.C. he descried the Alt-Right as a leaderless movement, whose goal is the creation of a European Utopia, an Imperium were Jews, and Browns would be excluded.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Identity Evropa formed May 2016 Leaders Ely Mosley – Patrick Casey became leader 12/02/17

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Hillary Clinton fanned the flames of hate against the Alt-Right when she proclaimed half of Donald Trump’s supporters, which numbered 13.3 million in the Republican primaries alone, “fall into the basket of deplorables.” Clinton’s 09-10-2016 statement prompted every media outlet in the world to look into the Alt-Right phenomenon.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Trump had been filling football stadiums across the Nation with ‘Alt-Righters’ who took offence to being called deplorable; Hillary Clinton recanted, offering a halfhearted apology to Trumps supporters. She stated “Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic’ and that’s never a good idea,” Clinton stated. “I regret saying ‘half’ – that was wrong.” (Note: Clinton’s ambiguous apology didn’t go over well. “I regret saying ‘half’ – that was wrong.” amounted to, “I regret saying ‘half’ – that was wrong. I really think ‘all’ of them are deplorable.”

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: We celebrated the 2016 Brexit, when United Kingdom won the referendum to leave European Union.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: We celebrated the 2016 election of Donald John Trump he’s currently serving as the 45th President of the United States. Trump won the general election on November 8, 2016, in a surprise victory against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: William Luther Pierce III (1933-2002) American white supremacist and political activist, he was one of the most influential ideologues of the white nationalist movement. Author of two books The Turner Diaries & Hunter.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Thomas A. Bruso famously beat-down an uppity Negro on the AC Transit Bus fight February 15, 2010 Oakland, California The fight, between 67-year-old white/European, and 50-year-old Negro named Michael. Anti-white, Jew run Hollywood (flip the script) and released a Movie called ‘Bad Ass’ on April 13, 2012 depicting a Mexican, beating up Neo-Nazi Skin Heads.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: James Anthony Traficant Jr, (1941-2014) a Congressman from Ohio who died on September 27, 2014, as the result of injuries sustained in an accident when his tractor flipped over. He will not be forgotten, nor will his enemies.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: Robert W. Whitaker also Bob Whitaker (1941-2017) American white nationalist, writer and political activist. He was a college professor, international aviation negotiator. Whitaker wrote several Mantra’s here’s two 1.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. 2. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White Countries for Everybody!

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: By the 2018 Alt-Righters achieved their goal of creating an underground counter culture; base mainly around the celebration of European identity & ideals. Alt-Righters continue to rail against the system; they continue to look for new ways of reshaping the cultural around white/Europeans ideals; young whites began thinking & acting collectively in the build up to the 2017 election of Donald John Trump and beyond.

    Generation-Z: the Counter-Culture: William Jefferson Clinton American 42nd President of the United States from (1993 to 2001) followed by George Walker Bush American 43rd President of the United States from (2001 to 2009) followed by Barack Hussein Obama II American 44th President of the United States from (2009 to 2017) Donald John Trump American 45th President of the United States from (2017 to 20__).

  3. Slavery had existed since the dawn of man and the British were one of the first to abandon slavery. Abolishment of slavery was written in the English common law and British empire enforced anti-slavery laws all over the world. Spanish and Portuguese colonies were some of the last to abandon slavery and Russia had serfdom until 1861.

  4. Andrew says:

    The white identarianism movement isn’t about taking over the world. It’s about taking back our communities. We can’t be national socialists in a racially mixed society where people who receive the bulk of all government aid regularly rally against European interests. People don’t need to be killed. They just need to respect their boundaries, which is something they’ve shown they are unable to do with African, Asian, and Latin American Migrants flooding European countries and colonies for ‘better lives’ and then showing more interest in raping, marrying, and killing Europeans than being civil and going back from whence they came. Identarianism is merely a defensive mechanism, against Global occupation, for Europeans today.

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  8. xmax says:

    Yeah , thank God you got past that. I always said that, , white supremacy was Judaism for white people.
    White nationalists, black nationalists, Arab nationalists, and other groups have drunk the same jewish koolaid, these movements were infiltrated and taken over by the jews a long time ago. I would rather we spoke in terms of “I am German, Swedish, and Slovenian” or, my family came from Stuttgart, Germany, rather than “I am white” or “black.” Indeed, white and black are super overly simplistic, inaccurate, and vague classifications handed to us by the jews as part of their divide and conquer strategy.
    We can avoid the whole race issue/trap by just being exact about our origins. The jews will hate that. They want us totally bereft of any deep connections with our past and our culture. The only effective kind of nationalism is one which focuses not on “race” issues but on protecting your nation from Jewish usury and plots.

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