Mythic Dawn ~ The real meaning of Easter/Ostara

I wrote an article about Ostara in the debut issue of Carolyn Emerick‘s new magazine dedicated to mythology called Mythic Dawn. Ostara is the ancient pagan celebration that we still celebrate today but changed the name to “Easter” which is a direct cognate to the goddess Eostre. In Germany it is Ostern for goddess Ostara. This is the perfect time to reflect on our ancient European faith and support those fighting to keep our culture alive like Easter, like yule is proof of the survival of european faith despite abrahamism.

Hail Ostara! Hail Eostre! Hail Eos! Hail Aurora! Hail Ausrine! The Indo-European Aryans cherish our Springtime Goddess!


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  1. Niklas says:

    Veronica, i really think you should continue doing this if Carolyn pays you decent. You and some others can contribute a lot to the world. I also think times will change and remember Hitler, he only trusted those that where members before it was ok to be a member.

    I would by that magazine but i think it’s really expensive and it needs to clarify why it is that expensive.

    1. Veronica says:

      It’s expensive because of printing costs, she’s using amazon to handle printing and stuff. It’s not any more or less expensive than other new books. $9.99 for kindle and $16 for a physical copy isn’t bad.

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