Europa Sun v4 is out!

Thanks to the wonderful, adored Carolyn Emerick and fellow contributing authors Europa Sun 4 is out! Buy it now on Amazon! The digital version has been uploaded on her Makersupport and Gab Premium. You can also buy the PDF here. This is probably the best issue yet! For this issue, I wrote an article about the mystical Neuschwanstein Castle and the “mad king” of Bavaria who commissioned its construction. Carolyn puts a lot of effort into formatting this magazine to look professional and gorgeous! For my article, she found and included lots of breathtaking photos. I can’t stress enough how important it is to support small creative, European enthusiasts like Carolyn.  Folks like her are the key to keeping our heritage, traditions, and culture alive forever. It’s our duty to devote our full support to those on the front lines of this culture war.


Click to buy Europa Sun on Amazon!


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